Having the right font on your site, in combination with a deliberate tone of voice provides added depth to your brand’s identity.

Your language and font choice helps build up an image in the customer’s mind of the way you operate as a business and go about fulfilling the needs of that customer.

A simple analogy is that your theme is your building’s architecture and your content (font, tone of voice etc.) is your choice of interior design.

In essence, your theme provides the sturdy framework and premium functionality and your site can then be dressed up even further, tailored perfectly to suit your niche market and target audience. We’ll show you how to make all adjustments to your font, in this guide.

Getting Started

Many store owners will recognize selections from the popular Google Fonts collection — including Playfair Display, Open Sans, Montserrat and Roboto — and these are still free to use in your Shopify theme.

Selections, however, also include select premium fonts from the Monotype collection, including Optima, several variations of Bodoni and Baskerville and Avenir.

Many of the fonts also include multiple weights and styles, such as numerous combinations of bold, light, medium and italic.

Using these styles and weights is a great way to give various typographic elements different looks while maintaining a consistent look.

While you can still use fonts not offered in the font picker by installing files and adding custom code, you cannot access or select these in the new font picker interface. To set particular elements to your custom font, you'll need to write custom CSS.

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