The Header is a crucial part of your eCommerce store; featuring your brand's logo, navigation, and the shopping cart to name just a few.

Getting Started

We will define each setting used in the Header section and explain how to use it with ATOM.

Enable account - you can toggle this option to show/hide the account icon in the header

To learn more about Menus and links in Shopify, click here.

This option allows you to change the orientation of your logo depending on your logo width.

If you have a square logo design, then the default setting where the 'Logo position' checkbox is unticked, will be best suited for your store.

If you have a wider logo design, you can check this option to rotate your logo by -90 degrees, so that your logo design becomes vertically stacked, making better use of the available space.

When you're setting up your online store, you should think about how you want customers to find your products and information about your business. This will help you to make decisions about your online store navigation.

This setting allows you to pick a menu that has been created via Online Store > Navigation

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