Email signup popup

Popups are onsite messages you send to visitors based on their website behavior. These messages usually ask them to perform a specific action, such as:

  • Viewing new products and services.

  • Entering personal information, like their name, email address, and/or phone number.

The most common type of popup is the email popup (also known as a newsletter popup or email signup popup).

When to use this popup?

Use it to collect your visitors’ email addresses while offering free shipping, discounts, or anything else your customers will love.

Do email popups work?

Research suggests that email popups convert an average of 6.57% of visitors on mobile, and 3.77% of visitors on desktop. And when you switch from a static signup form to a popup, the average increase in signups you may expect is around 100%.

Gettings started

Go to Online storeThemesCustomise

Then Theme settingsEmail signup popup

Here you will see the following configurations to customise your popup.

  • Enable email signup popup - this will show the popup to all visitors of your site

  • Show on home page only - This will prevent the popup showing, for example, on the product or cart page

  • Show only for visitors - will prevent the popup showing to customers who have an account and are logged in.

Customise the content

You can change both the Heading and Body text that appears within the email popup to something more relevent with the option to hide the signup form itself, just in case you want to use the popup to display a generic message.

Finally, you can delay the popup from showing until the vistor has been on the site for a period of time. By default, visitors will not see the popup for at least 5 seconds.

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