A template controls how your page will look and be used when a customer visits your site. Templates control what is rendered on each type of page in a theme. Template files are hosted in the templates directory of the theme.

Erickson has been built for Online Store 2.0 which includes a set of features and feature improvements that make themes and theme apps easier to build, more flexible, and more maintainable.

Online Store 2.0 introduces a new JSON templates that allows you add new and existing sections to most pages in your theme and add and remove sections from any page directly in the Shopify theme editor.

Locating templates and their linked settings in the Theme Editor

There are two methods available for finding your templates settings.

The first is directly in the Theme Editor, where you can use the dropdown to view all templates.

You will see an arrow next to the templates where there are 2 or more templates available. You can also see how many times the template has been assigned to a page, product, collection and so on.

Locating templates and their linked settings in the Theme Admin

You can also view templates per product, collection, blog or page through the Admin interface. For example, click on any product within the admin panel where you would add a product price or change inventory totals, here you will see a section towards the bottom of the page on the right hand side called Online Store with a dropdown menu of available templates that can be assigned.

Remember to fully familiarise yourself with the settings available on each page so you can comprehensively edit your storefront’s templates.

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