The Cart is the location where items are stored before your customers finalise their purchase. These settings control how the cart behaves when customers interact with this feature.

The cart page shows a summary of all of the products that a customer has added to the cart, a subtotal and a total price for the order, and a Checkout button that directs customers to Shopify's secure checkout pages.

When no products have been added, the empty cart page shows a Continue shopping link that takes customers back to view your products. You can edit the settings and add new features to your store's cart page to suit the needs of your business in the following way;

Getting Started

Go to Online storeThemesCustomise

Then Theme settingsCart

Here you will see the following configurations to customise your cart.

Free shipping bar

The free shipping cart appears towards the top of the cart drawer and cart page. This feature is intented to encourage vistors to add more items to their cart to benefit from free shpping on their order and calculates the remaining value remaning to qualify for free shipping.

How to configure the Free shipping message in the cart?

  • First, tick Show free shipping bar to enable this feature, otherwise nothing will show in the cart drawer/page. By default, this will show.

  • Update the text in the field Announcement text, but do not remove or change [value] as this changes dynamically when items are added to the cart.

Examples of Free shipping message

Spend [value] to get free shipping

Spend an extra [value] to qualify for free shipping

Just [value] to spend to get free shipping

Remember to NOT remove or change [value] as this is what calculates the remaining cart total to spend to get free shipping.

Cart threshold for free shipping

Now we can set the cart total required for the announcement text for free shipping to apply. This is controlled by a range slider with a minimum spend of 0 and a max spend of 400. By default, this is set to 250 meaning when a customer spends 250 or more, they will qualify for free shipping.

Announcement text for free shipping

You can now update the wording visible in the cart when the cart total is equal to or greater than the cart threshold. Currently this is set to;

You have qualified for free shipping

Cart settings

In the cart drawer and page, by default, we have both cart notes and the view cart button showing. The View cart button only shows in the drawer, but both are optional and can be disabled if preffered.

Free gift

The free gift feature enables you to automatically add an addtional product to a customers cart, without having to manually add and extra product, when the cart total matches the threshold set i.e min spend of $100 and if the cart contains a specific product.

Cart threshold for free gift

Set the cart total for the free gift to automatically be added to the cart.

Free gift to giveaway

The free gift will only be added to cart if this product is in the cart.

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