Products are the lynchpin of your store. Without products, you would have nothing to sell, so it’s immensely important you master how to add products and familiarise yourself with all the settings available to build your store and your brand correctly, right from the start.

The product template renders the product page, which contains a product's media and content, as well as a form for customers to select a variant and add it to the cart.

Product images

When uploading product images to your store, we recomend the following specifications:

  • The aspect ratio of the image should be at least 1000px wide X 1000px high

  • The image format should be .jpeg

  • The size of the image should not be larger thank 350kb

What is an aspect ratio? This is the proportional relationship between an image's width and height. Essentially, it describes an image's shape.

The specifications above are just recommendations to optimise the performance and aesthetics of your store and are not required to setup products on Shopify.

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