Templates control what's rendered on each type of page in a theme.

Template files are hosted in the templates directory of the theme. There are two different file types you can use for a theme template:

  • JSON Templates

  • Liquid Templates


If you want to use sections in a template, then you should use a JSON template.

JSON templates provide more flexibility as it allows you to add, remove, and reorder sections, including app sections.


Liquid templates are Liquid markup files, with the .liquid file extension. Each layout is different according to the specific area of your site and the functionality it requires. Erickson is predominantly built using JSON for all key pages, except unsupported JSON pages which include;

  • customers/account

  • customers/activate_account

  • customers/addresses

  • customers/login

  • customers/order

  • customers/register

  • customers/reset_password

  • gift_card


We are always working away behind the scenes to continue improving and adding the very best functionality, keeping your store ahead of the competition. These new features are released as theme updates for you to install manually.

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