Once you have added some individual products to your store, it is likely you will want to categorise these in some way, organising them into groups.

If you are a clothing store, you may sell many different types of apparel, such as hoodies, socks, jeans, gloves, hats, tees and so on. You could create a collection for each of the above.


The more items you offer, the more important it is that your products remain easy to find, both for your customers and yourself.

Collections can be linked to on your storefront so they display a certain number of products (with product images), from that collection, or you could add a simpler, text link, in your footer, for example.

Explaining a Collection

  • Collections are a group of individual Products.

  • A single Product can be featured in multiple collections across your site (multiple versions of this Product are not required in your admin).

  • Collections and the Products they contain are not controlled by the theme - this is solely dictated by the Shopify platform.

  • Collections can be either: Manual or Automatic


Here is Shopify’s guide on how to create a collection:

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