Welcome text

The Welcome text section is a simple and easy to setup content block that allows you to highlight key information or add a tagline of your business.

Getting started

Unlike most sections, this section does not contain any block as we only have 1 piece of content to display.

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see you predefined list of sections

  • To add the Welcome text section, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

Here you can add text content, with the option to add highlight color to a phrase of group of words by wrapping the target word/s with an opening and closing span tag, see below;

<span>about your brand</span>

Adding span tags are optional, but if you intend to use this feature, the Font color picker can be used so that you can change the default color of your target word/s to match your overall theme settings.

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