‌Designed to show beautiful imagery that connects your brand with visitors and potential customers in a very short space of time, your 'Slideshow' section is one of the first things your customers will see when landing on your website. It enables visitors to easily navigate to other parts of the site and hopefully make a purchase.

As well as being a great place to highlight current collections, offers, and news, the slideshow’s automatic transition gives a sense of urgency and allows you to communicate multiple messages that will also drive engagement.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see this section pre-loaded

  • But if you need to add again, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

How do i customise the Slideshow?

For this section, you have access to both section and block level settings whereby you can change the content of each slide and also the settings of the slideshow itself.

Section settings

By clicking on the name of the section Slideshow you get access to change the following;

  • Update the color of the slideshow title and caption - this color, by default, will be preloaded as dark.

  • Just like other sections, you can adjust the width to either be Full width, which offers an edge-to-edge design or With an edge, that provides whitespace on the left and right of the banner.

  • There are also options to enable pagination controls and autplay, but this will only show when you have 2 or more blocks/slides

  • The content position of the slide text can be moved to the left, center or right and will remain vertically centered.

  • Finally, when you have 2 or more slides, the transition can be changed which is the delay before the next slide appears.

Block settings

Now we will work on setting up slides, which are blocks within the section. Here are the changes that we can make.

  • We can upload a banner image for desktop screens - we recommend using an image with the specifications of 2200px x 795px .jpg format

  • We can also upload a banner image designed for mobile devices - we recommend using an image with the specifications of 800 x 800px .jpg format

  • If you decide not to use a mobile image, then the desktop image will be used instead on mobile devices

  • Next we can change the Heading, Subheading and Button label text per slide amd also add/change or remove a URL link thats points to any page

Once your happy with changes, click save and your done!

In order to add multiple slides, you need to add additional blocks. There are a max of 5 blocks that you can use for this section.

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