Rich text

The Rich text section is a dynamic and easy to setup content block that allows you to add multiple text blocks, perfect to advise vistors about your services, story and/or products.

This section can be used to display up 4 seperate text block, that highlights key information about your store in an easy to read layout, great for a home page or a product page.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see you predefined list of sections

  • To add the Rich text section, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

How to change the section layout and update content?

Just like other sections, settings will apply to both the section itself and the block; which represents the actual content.

Click on the section title, labelled Rich text to change the following settings;

  • Heading - Adjust the text of the first Heading text

  • Body text - Adjust the text of the second text block below the first heading

  • Button label - Change the Button label to something more relevent such as 'Shop now', 'Learn more'

  • Link - This is optional, to remove the button the link option needs to be blank

  • Section layout = Switch between a Full width (edge-to-edge) or Content width with includes whitespace

How to change the block content?

Just like other blocks, most include customisable settings that allow you to adjust the block text and position.

Click on the block type name, which should match the name heading text of the block, to adjust the Heading and Body text

You can drag and drop each block to alter its position and also hide or delete blocks should you not need to use the addtional Rich text blocks.

To hide a block - look for the eye symbol when you hover any specific block

To delete a block - at the bottom of the panel on the right hand side of your screen, you will see a trash can symbol with the label Remove block to reduce 2 blocks down to 1.

There is a limit of 2 blocks when using this section.

You can remove text from input fields if you dont want the content block to show to visitors. Simply remove all text and the space where the text resides, will be removed.

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