Build your own home page with a wide variety of sections.

Your home page is made up of reusable components called Sections. These are the blocks of content that sit on top of each other, from top to bottom as you scroll down your home page.

By default, the Erickson theme has 3 fixed sections. The 'Announcement bar', 'Header' and 'Footer' which are fixed to the top and/or bottom of every page within the theme editor.

Sections allow you to add new content sections to your homepage and change the settings directly in the theme editor. You can add, among others:

  • Slideshows

  • Collections

  • Products

  • Newsletter

  • Blog posts

You can also toggle the visibility of these with a single click by clicking on the 'eye' to the right of each section.

For further information on Shopify Sections, click here

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