Image with text

This is a very versatile section which can be used to add a single hero image, with text and links that be switched.

This section can be used to display an image of a product or a collection, a lifestyle image of a member of staff, that links to a page with further information about your business and/or product.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see you predefined list of sections

  • To add the Image with text section, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

How to change the section layout?

Just like other sections, settings will apply to both the section iteslef and the block which represents the actual content.

Click on the section title and change the 'Text alignment' from Left to right to switch image and text and visa-versa.

How to change the block settings?

Here we can change the following pieces of content;

  • Upload an image

  • Change the heading title text

  • Change the body text

  • Update the button label

  • Assign a URL link

Once your happy with your changes, click save and your done!

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