Hero banner

This is a very versatile section which can be used to add a full width image, with optional text and links.

This image can be used for anything you like - an image of a product or a collection, a lifestyle image that links to a page with further information about your business and/or product.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see you predefined list of sections

  • To add the Hero banner section, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

How do i customise the Hero banner?

For this section, you have access to both section and block level settings whereby you can change the content of the banner and also the settings of the Hero banner itself.

Section settings

By clicking on the name of the section 'Hero banner' you get access to change the following;

  • Update the color of the slideshow title and caption - this color, by default, will be preloaded as dark.

Block settings

Now we will work on setting up the banner, which is a single block within the section. Here are the changes that we can make.

  • We can upload a banner image for desktop screens - we recommend using an image with the specifications of 2200px x 795px .jpg format

  • We can also upload a banner image designed for mobile devices - we recommend using an image with the specifications of 800 x 800px .jpg format

  • If you decide not to use a mobile image, then the desktop image will be used instead on mobile devices

  • Next we can change the Heading, Subheading and Button label text per slide amd also add/change or remove a URL link thats points to any page

Once your happy with changes, click save and your done!

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