Located at the very bottom of your online store, the footer is an often overlooked area of a website, however, it is arguably one of the most important components.

It can be used to contain crucial things such as links to terms and conditions, returns policies, business address, accepted payments and so on.

These are arguably not the most glamorous pieces of content, but they do in most circumstances need to be present. The footer keeps these things tidy and may surprise you by its adaptability.

The footer is a fixed section, just like the header. This means the position channot be change unlike other sections where you can drag and drop to ajudt the look and feel of your page.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see the Footer section at the bottom of the bage, within the section panel on the left hand side

The footer come pre-loaded with 4 blocks, with 2 available block types;

  • Links

  • About

Links allow you to select a menu, that was created in Online Store > Navigation wheras the About block type simply allows you show information about your business.

Blocks are versitile and reusable meaning you can reorder the the footer blocks by dragging and dropping directly wihin the theme editor.

Just like other sections, you can change its settings by clicking on the name itself.

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see the following settings that we can change;

  • Color scheme - here we can switch between Background 1 & 2, which are dark and light color profiles. These colors can be changed by going to Theme Settings > Color

  • We can toggle the visibility of payment icons show bottom right of the page and also change and/or remove the disclaimer info within the text box depending on your site requirements

You will notice a dropdown link to access Theme Settings directly within the section. This is because we still have the currency, language and social links to customise.

You could click on the paintbrush icon below the sections panel on the left hand side to navigate to each of the components directly, which include Languages, Currency and Social Media, but the Theme Editor links this for us.

  • Click on the Theme Settings dropdown

  • Here we can show or hide both the language and currency dropdowns. The use of these features this will likley depend on if you sell into international markets or not.

  • We can also show social icons in the footer by adding the link of your social profiles to the corresponding input for Instagram, Facebook etc

And thats it, you have customised your footer!

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