Featured product

Displaying an item individually is a bold statement and focuses the customer’s attention, encouraging them to engage more fully. Use the 'Featured product' section to provide your best product with space to really shine.

Whether you are running a promotion, need to raise awareness, or have any other reason to target a single product, using this section on your homepage is a wise move.

Getting Started

  • Go to Online storeThemeCustomise

  • By default, you will see you predefined list of sections

  • To add the Featured product section, if not already visible, scroll to the bottom of the panel and Add section

  • Select Featured Product Save

This section, by default, loads placeholder/onboarding info with the following blocks;

  • Product title

  • Product description

  • Product price

  • Variant picker

  • Quantity picker

  • Buy buttons

  • Stock

Other blocks that can be added, by clicking 'Add block';

  • Collecction type

  • Product text

  • Product vendor

  • Share

  • Custom liquid

  • Product accordian

How do i assign a product for this section?

Just like other sections with blocks, there are Section settings and Block settings that can be configured.

To select or change a product, click on the name of the section 'Featured product' and in the panel on the right hand side, select 'Pick a product' and tick the product you want to use.

How do i change and use blocks in this section?

Depending on the block type, there wil be settings associated with the block that will allow you to hide / show or change particular attributes of the block itself.

For example

The block Product price has a number of checkboxes that allow you to show and/or hide product ratings of the selected Featured product.

There is also a customizable setting for the Buy buttons block type where you can show the Dynamic checkout button

When enabled, this allows a customer to go directly to the checkout to purchase the specific product selected as the featured product.

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