The Shopify platform has opened up its subscriptions functionality to retailer who use a subscriptions app.

Offering subscriptions allows your customers to purchase repeat orders on delivery intervals that you agree upon (weekly, monthly, etc.) and is an excellent way to make your customers' shopping experience as convenient as possible, while also initiating a steady stream of recurring revenue into your store.

Using Subscriptions with Erickson

Erickson has added the foundations to support Shopify's subscription functionality.

This will work if you have installed a subscriptions app - such as ReCharge - onto your store. As a result, any technical issues you experience with the subscriptions functionality must be addressed through the app developers.

The Scope of Our Support

Our support does not cover issues caused by third-party subscriptions app, or those that are the result of modifications made to the native theme code. In these cases, we will try to refer you to the subscriptions app developer to resolve your issue.

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