Demo store

If you are inspired by the setup of our demo store and want use the same sections and block combinations to build your store, then here is a summary of how we have setup our main Erickson preset.

You can view our demo store for Erickson on the Shopify Theme store here.

What sections and blocks are used on our demo store?

When you install a trial or paid version of Erickson, predifined sections and settings will be setup to offer you a blank template to start building and customising your store.

Here is a summary of the various sections and blocks used to build the demo store on the Shopify Theme Store the settings to configure each component.


Sections used

Announcement bar


  • 1 announcement block

  • Show announcement bar is checked

  • Autoplay is set to 7 seconds


  • Logo width is set to 150px

  • Pick option is set to 'Search'

  • Enable account is checked

  • Enable search and social is checked

  • Menu style is set to 'Center'

  • Main menu is selected

  • 2 Mega menu blocked added

  • 1st mega menu style is set to 'Multi level'

  • 2nd mega menu style is set to 'Default'



  • Section layout is set to 'Full width'

  • Show controls is checked

  • Transition speed is set to '5' seconds

  • 2 slide blocks added

  • Each slide contains image for desktop, mobile, heading subheading, button label, link

  • Content position is 'Center'

  • Hotspot product is selected



  • 3 Icon blocks added including image and heading content

Collection tiles


  • Heading text added

  • Section layout is set to 'Row of 3'

  • 3 blocks added

  • Image and heading content blank

  • Pick a collection linked to collection page URL

Scolling text


  • 4 blocks added with Heading content


  • Heading text added

  • Pick a collection is selected

  • Products to show is set to '7'

  • Image ratio is set to 'Square'

  • Show product rating is set to unchecked

Promotional banner


  • Image is selected

  • Body text added

  • Button label added

  • Link is selected

  • Background color is set to #212529

  • Body font color is set to #FAFAFA

  • Button color is set to #FAFAFA


  • Heading text added

  • 4 products is selected

  • Image ratio is set to 'Square'

  • Product limit is set to '4'

  • Show product rating is unchecked

Welcome text


  • Body text added

  • Background color is set to #212529

  • First gradient color is set to #8D8E8F

  • Second gradient color is set to #FAFAFA


  • Background and text color set

  • 2 Blocks added

  • Featured counter number is set to a number '10' and '300'

  • Body text content added

Email signup


  • 3 blocks added

  • Heading text added

  • Subheading body text added

  • Email form block visible


  • Color scheme set to 'Background 1'

  • Show payment icons is checked

  • Disclaimer content added

  • 4 blocks added

  • 1st block is set to 'About' that included Heading and Body text

  • 2nd-4th blocks set to 'Links' annd Pick footer menu is set to link created via Navigation


Sections used

Collection header


  • Enable description is checked

  • Enable image is checked

  • Collection title style is set to 'Simple'

Collection page


  • Products per page is set to 12

  • Show product rating is checked

  • Image ratio is set to 'Square'

  • Collection layout is set to 'Row of 3'

  • Show pre-order label is unchecked

  • Show new label is unchecked

  • Filtering and sorting block enabled with Enable filter and Enable sorting is checked

  • Product grid block enabled


Sections used

Product page

Section settings

  • Show percentage is unchecked

  • Show new label is unchecked

  • Show pre-order label is unchecked

  • Product orientation is set to 'Product image right'

  • Enable video looping is unchecked

  • Enable video autoplay is unchecked

Block settings

  • Collection type

  • Product title

  • Product price - Show product rating, count, taxes and Shop pay installements are all checked

  • Product vendor

  • Stock

  • Variant picker

  • Quantity picker - Show quantity selector is checked

  • Buy buttons - Show dynamic checkout buttons is checked

  • Pickup locations

  • 2 x Product add-on - Pick a product is selected

Product details

Section settings

  • Description text added

  • Features text added

  • Show features is checked

Block settings

This content will show when the 'Show more' button is clicked

  • 2 blocks added

  • Heading text added

  • Body text added


Section settings

  • Heading text added

  • Body text added

Block settings

  • 5 blocks added

  • Heading text added

  • Body text added


  • Heading text added

Complementary products


  • Heading text added

What theme settings are used on our demo store?

Here are the theme setting configurations we have used the customise the theme.



  • Use favicon icon unchecked



  • Enable sticky header is checked

  • Enable animations is checked

  • Enable back to top is checked



  • Heading font is set to 'Roboto Bold'

  • Body font is set to 'Roboto Medium'

  • Body font size set to '14'

  • Typography style is set to 'Capitalize'

Email signup popup


  • Enable email signup popup is checked

  • Show only on home page is unchecked

  • Show only for visitors is unchecked

  • Heading text added

  • Body text is added

  • Show newsletter form is checked

  • Delay until the popup appears is set to '5' seconds

Cookies popup


  • Show cookies popup is unchecked

Social media


  • Share Facebook is checked

  • Tweet of Twitter is checked

  • Pin on Pinterest is checked

  • Enable sharing is checked

  • Facebook link added

  • Instagram link added

  • Tiktok link added



  • Show free shipping bar is checked

  • Announcement text added

  • Cart threshold for free shipping is set to 260

  • Announcement text for free shipping is added

  • Show cart notes is checked

  • Free gift to giveaway settings not defined

  • Cart recomendations Heading added

  • Recommended collection selected



  • Show language selector is checked



  • Show currency selector is checked

Product swatches


  • Enable color swatches is unchecked

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