All the public releases of Erickson, outlining bug fixes, theme updates and new features.

Note: We do not add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only, and not older versions of the theme. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend you update your theme to address this.


When using the Featured collection section that is preloaded when you first download a version of Erickson, you may encounter a styling issue wherby the layout casuses product cards to apper smaller then expected.


Simply remove the section > save your changes > then add the same section or upgrade your theme version to 2.1.0 or higher.

Version 3.3.0

June 8, 2023

In this release, we have updated Erickson to include add to cart buttons for related and complimentary product sections on product pages as well as minor bug fixes and general improvements.


  • Add to cart buttons on related and complimentary product cards

Fixes and other improvements

  • Added missing rte class on rich text section

Version 3.2.0

May 10th 2023

In this release, we have updated Erickson to include mandatory changes that includes the inclusion of Shop CTA as well as bug fixes and general improvements.


  • Shop CTA has been added to the footer

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved the timing of the sticky header

  • Resolved a bug on the cart page

  • Moved the collection header stylesheet to the theme header to prevent layout issue on load

Version 3.1.0

Apr 28th 2023

In this release, we have updated Erickson to include mandatory changes that includes the inclusion of a Gift card recipient form on product pages for a gift card product as well as bug fixes and general improvements.


  • A gift recipient form that includes the recipient name, email and message fields has been added to the gift card product pages.


  • The cart items tax object changed from cart to shop

  • Validation for products with continue selling enabled has been improved

  • Added placeholder content to product tabs section on product page when description is blank

Fixes and other improvements

  • Sticky product header fixed to work on all product pages

  • Predictive search bug fix when search form is empty

  • Improved breakpoints for slideshow

  • Fixed Image with text section image height and section layout width

  • Improved Main category section layout on mobile

  • Updated collection page header loading issue

  • Removed the default price from product and compare prices that caused sale price to show when product prices were less than $20

  • Improved Promotional text section width on all breakpoints

  • Fixed hyperlink visibility on all sections and templates that contains rte content

  • Cart count and icon design improved on mobile

  • Updated the label name for the reviews count on product price block on product page template

  • Hyperlink now visible on cart and product pages when shipping policy is enabled

Version 2.2.0


In this release, we have updated Erickson to include mandatory changes that include Focal points and updates to the related and complementary sections based on changes to the recommendations API.


  • Focal points to all image picker settings


  • Updated complementary products section

  • Upgraded related products section and removed older/duplicate dynamic recommendations section that now includes the intent parameters

  • Changed the order of presets in the data-settings file so that Erickson is the primary theme style.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Cart recommendations now only show when the cart includes items

  • Fixed FAQ's section titles to avoid content from appearing off screen when the title is a long question.

  • Minor CSS improvements.

Version 2.1.0

Released - Dec 2022.

In this release, we have focused on adding/improving some popular sections to the suite of components merchants can use to customise their store. We’ve also made some minor improvements to the CSS.


  • New statistics section to showcase technical product features or store information.

  • New product hotspot to Slideshow section.

  • New Collage section.

  • Cart recomendations to the cart drawer.

  • New FAQs section to help merchants commuincate common information about a product or their services.

  • Missing section settings for Featured product section that include changing the Offer block text style and lopping/autoplay controls for product media.


  • Updated the Hero banner section to an Image comparison section with controls to offer a new theme feature, as the previous static banner offered the same functionality as a single image in the Slideshow section.

  • Updated the product price block design to help customers notice the price easier.

  • Improved the design of the Email signup section.


  • View cart button theme setting in cart as a result of adding cart recomendations.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Minor CSS improvements.

Version 2.0.0

Released - Dec 2022

We’ve improved the way merchants can configure their mega menu in the header by introducing link lists as blocks. We have also added a new section to show multiple collections with a simpler UX. This update also includes a new preset called Jenkins and addresses some minor bug fixes and improvements to various section settings and the overall design as a result of adding a new theme style.


  • New menu blocks in the header section to configure the mega menu using blocks with promo titles.

  • New theme setting range sliders for Border weight and Border radius so merchants can adjust their theme style without changing the code.

  • New section called Collection tile, that allows merchants to show multiple collections, ideal for stores with large catalogues.

  • Media settings for product videos including autoplay, mute and loop controls.

  • New theme style preset called Jenkins.

  • Fade in animation to countdown timer section.

  • New dropdown to Offer text block on Products so merchants can change the alert style.


  • Multiple section dropdown theme settings that change page/section layouts from full to content width and improved the general theme layout by increasing the max-width of all containers and breakpoints; for a more consistant design.

  • Section background color used on free shipping message announcement bar.

  • strip_html parameter from the product description block to allow merchants to change text alignment when creating products.

  • Incorrect schema settings from search page and article section.


  • The cart drawer design to match other visual elements of the site.

  • Border radius css styling updates in all stylesheets.

  • Slideshow section so that the position, background and text colors can be changed for each slide block rather than the section.

  • Updated the Welcome text section so merchants can change the background and text colors.

  • Updated Collection list section so merchants change change text color for each block.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Resolved an issue that shows a blank free shipping message momentarily in the cart drawer when cart quantities change.

  • Resolved an issue when changing the collection page layout from content to full width.

  • Fixed free gift validations in theme settings for required and conditional products.

  • Fixed issue with Vimeo video URL not showing in product media.

  • Minor CSS improvements.

Version 1.1.0

Released Nov 2nd 2022

We’ve added a new scrolling text section for more interactive promotional call to actions and made improvements to the Product text block to show discounts and some minor UX improvements.


  • Important: new Scrolling text announcement section


  • Updated layout of product upsell block on product page

  • Updated label and design of Product text block to be an Offer text block to signal discount codes


  • Resolved issue with missing product image for Recently viewed products section on product page when product is unpublished

  • Removed the term 'warranty' from line-item.liquid for products in the cart when added using the product add-on block on product pages

  • Fixed issue with recommendations title duplication when additional section, with products, is added to product page

  • Fixed container layout bug of product page for mobile devices

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